Tennis Courts 1-7 & Centre Floodlight Replacement project

The failing Courts 1-7 and Centre floodlights are being replaced with state-of-the-art LEDs in side lit arrays (6 luminaires per court, at baseline and net) which should revitalise evening play.  Install by our contractor, Luminance Pro, began on Mon 6 March 2023 and is scheduled to last for 7 weeks, until Fri 21/4/23.  A specialist carpet fitter company will cut and reinstate the courts’ carpet surfaces when required (additional cabling to be installed up to the net lines).


Regrettably but necessarily there will be considerable disruption to tennis activity.   Please check the Court Booking system on the members App/website, which will be kept up to date with court availability.


An announcement was emailed to all members 16/2/22, a copy of which can be found in Documents on the members website and more information will be available from Latest News on the members App/website as the project progresses.  The key ongoing service impacts to note are:


  • No floodlit play will be possible from Mon 6 March until mid-end April
  • Court availability in daylight hours will be restricted to Cts 8 -10 and Centre initially (from 6/3/23 for at least the rest of March) – Cts 1-3 and subsequently Cts 4-7 will be brought back online for daytime play when possible, with work on Centre being completed in the later stages of the project


The car park will be open to members throughout but with restrictions to allow for contractor access and equipment.  To ensure the safety of members and the contractors, there will also be demarcation and notices to restrict access where required to the walkways around the courts and grounds, as well as to courts themselves.


A Live Q&A document with further information about the project can be found here (Google doc)

Keep up-to-date with the Ct 1-7 & Centre Floodlight Replacement project here!