Welcome to the Lansdown Ladders Piloteers Page

We have the rest of 2019 to try out some Tennis Ladder software, to see if and how it might help us all to play more tennis more often.


Stage 1 is to join one (or more) of the pilot ladders we have already started. Once you’ve joined one, please play around and see what different actions you can take. You can play matches or, if you want to agree the score with your challenger/s, that’s fine too. We’re just testing!


Don’t worry if you’re confused, and don’t worry if you make a mistake. The sky will not fall in on our heads, and the internet will not break. The results of your playing around on this site will not affect the outcome of Brexit. It’s all good.




If you don’t yet have a login, please contact Rachel Pryor or anyone else?

2019 Ladder Trial is underway