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We are very pleased that Carter Jonas Estate Agents sponsor our Squash Box Leagues, which are a variation of a ladder and provide an easy way to arrange competitive singles Squash on a regular basis.  They give you the chance to meet, play, and forge new friendships with different members of similar abilities, who you might not otherwise come across.

There are currently 10 boxes with an average of 6 players in each.  Over an 8-week period you challenge the other 5 players in your box to a match best of 5 games, English scoring.  You gain a point for every game you win and at the end of the 8 week period the 2 players with the most points gain promotion to the box above for the next 8 week period.  Equally the bottom 2 players get relegated to the box below.

Add your name to the list on the Squash noticeboard and you will get added to the boxes at the next opportunity – all you have to do is make a couple of phone calls to arrange and play the games.

If you would like to know more about the Squash Box Leagues, please contact Andy Christie.

England Squash

England Squash and Racketball

The Club Charter is a progressive club development programme that aims to increase the number of adults and juniors playing squash and Racketball in clubs, increase the recruitment, education and development of coaches and volunteers, and improve the infrastructure of our club network.  The Club Charter is linked to Sport England’s Clubmark award.  Put simply, by achieving Club Charter status, we have shown our commitment to offer a welcoming environment, set high standards in child protection, and work closely with local schools to develop the future generations of squash and Racketball players.

Activ Bath

Activ Bath

Club Mark

Club Mark

Sport England recognises and values the commitment made by the Lansdown Club to develop high quality, welcoming environments for young participants. The development of clubs that encourage young people to take-up sport, improve their talents, possibly play a leadership role and give them the option to initiate and maintain life-long participation in sport is an essential part of supporting the sporting infrastructure in England. The Lansdown Club are proud to have been recognised for achieving the standards necessary to obtain the Clubmark award.