The Lansdown Club Tennis Championships

Similar to the box leagues we have gone digital this year!

  • Congratulations for entering successfully using the form on the club’s web-site
  • The updated draw sheets will all be available at all times on this page so you don’t have to visit the club to find out who your opponent is
  • All matches must played by the deadlines on each draw sheet
  • All members’ contact details are available on the members section of the club’s website
  • We have launched the Men’s Singles early because it has the most entrants (58) and consequently more rounds to be played. Every unseeded player is guaranteed at least two matches
  • One player from each match is asked to email the result very promptly after each match to
  • On the same day the referee will enter the results on the on-line draw sheet


Please use the links below for each draw sheet.







  • Mixed doubles event: Sunday 9th June
  • Finals day: Sunday 30th June (includes juniors’ finals)


Thanks to our sponsors, Talking Wines, we are able us to provide memento trophies for all winners and runners up to keep



  • By entering the Championships, each competitor is signifying their availability for play throughout the tournament, including finals day (Sunday 30th June).
  • Match results must be emailed promptly to
  • Championship matches take priority on freeplay courts, but please be courteous to any free play matches that are in progress.
  • Play-by dates for each round will be strictly adhered to. It is the responsibility of BOTH players to organise the match. If the match has not been played by the due date the tournament referee will rule on which player progresses.
  • In the event of disagreements, the decision of the referee shall be final.
  • All group stages are mini-boxes and each match is one extra-long set with the winner being the first to 10 games (no tie-break). So an example of result will be ‘Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal, 10-7’
  • The mini-box winner will be the player with the most games. In the event of a tie, the results between players will be considered, if there’s still a tie then lots will be drawn.
  • All knock out matches are the best of three 6 game, tie-break sets and full results should be reported. So an example of a result will be ‘Joanna Konta beat Naomi Brodie, 7-6, 3-6, 6-4’.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the champions and runners up in each event

Several events will have a small round-robin box to begin with offering you at least two matches without the seeded players in the draw.