Pickleball Clubplay

Four Pickleball courts can be set up based on the red ball court markings on Centre Court (the hard court nearest the clubhouse) – this is a smaller court size (11m x 5.5m) than it should be for Pickleball (13.4m x 6.1m) but serves as a reasonable approximation. Green dots show where the kitchen lines should be – you can mark these out with court markers (available from the Pickleball kit store at the club, along with paddles & balls) or bring your own chalk or tape.  There is 1 black Pickleball net stored on the sidelines or you can approximate with the mini-tennis nets (31 inch height) that are also kept there.


The recommended full area of a Pickleball court is 34 x 64 feet (10.4 x 19.5m) – this allows room off court to run into when playing the ball.  Line markings should be 2 inches wide (as for tennis).


Session format

Ideally club sessions will consist of doubles games, with rotation of players around courts approximately every 15 minutes.  Doubles can be played with either traditional or rally scoring as per the majority agreement of your 4 but be prepared to rotate without finishing your game if you are taking a long time to conclude your current game and other courts are ready to swap around first.


If there are not even doubles numbers, other playing formats that can be used are:


Two player Singles

  • For format & scoring see Rules & Scoring
  • If the full court is too much for either player to cover try Skinny Singles – serve diagonally as for normal singles but then only play in that diagonal for the rest of the point


Three player Singles vs Doubles

  • Use Rally Scoring – serve changes side each time the serve is lost, with the doubles team players serving depending on the score i.e. right hand player if score is even and left hand player if score is odd


Five player rotation

  • Use traditional ‘side out’ Scoring but when any server loses their serve, they swap out with the waiting player
  • Keep to a 1st & 2nd server per side pattern (a player swapping in when the 1st server has lost does not serve in that turn) with 1st server on a team always being the player on the right hand side (regardless of when they last swapped in or out)
  • Finish when one side reaches 11 points or 2 ahead – it may be unclear who exactly won though, as everyone may have played on that side at one point or another!
  • The winning server should then swap out with the waiting player before you start another game

Sundays at 2pm