Pickleball at the Lansdown Club

Pickleball is a hugely popular game in the US with a growing fanbase in this country too.  It was invented in the 1960s and combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis – it is played either indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court, across a net similar to tennis but lower, with bats (“paddles”) that are most similar to table tennis.  It uses a unique ball made out of hard plastic, hollow with holes in (with indoor balls having fewer but larger holes than outdoor balls).  It can be played as doubles (2 v 2 teams) or singles (1 v 1) on the same sized court.



If you’re not sure what a game of Pickleball looks like then YouTube is your friend – check out this Intro to Pickleball & a Beginner’s Guide for how to play for starters, then maybe move on to watching tennis Legends playing pickleball (Agassi & Roddick vs McEnroe & Chang).


Pickleball taster sessions have been running at Lansdown on Sunday afternoons 2 – 4pm since our first successful taster sessions in October 2023.   Whilst primarily provided for our Rackets members, non-Rackets members (Croquet/Social) and guests attending with a club member are also welcome with no fee payable, as well as children where accompanied by a supervising parent/carer club member.  Non-members interested in playing Pickleball at the club should contact reception to arrange attending one trial session then purchasing Social Membership for ongoing Sunday play.  Non-Rackets members can only play outside of Sunday afternoon sessions as a Racket member’s guest.


There is a members only Pickleball WhatsApp group which can be joined via the invite link in Useful Links on our App/members website – this can be used to coordinate Sunday attendance or arrange social play at other times.


See the links below for more information or for any other questions contact Mike Killpartrick

Introducing Pickleball!