Membership Renewals

The club’s membership year runs until 30th April.


Renewals are subject to the same membership Terms & Conditions as new members (pdf, page 2).  Please read these in conjunction with the club’s Articles of Association which they refer to.



2024 renewals information


All members will receive an email invitation to renew their membership for the year beginning 1st May 2024, by the end of March. Please first check your junk email then message reception@lansdownclub.co.uk to alert us if you have not received your renewal. We may need to update your email address with the office.


Fees payable for 2023-4 can be found on our Membership Fees page together with methods of payment – please pay online where possible, via the debit card payment link or using the BACS details given. 


Where it might be difficult to match your payment to the correct member record (e.g. you are paying on behalf of someone else, or using a bank card under another name), please also email reception@lansdownclub.co.uk to advise them which membership(s) you have just paid for and by what method.


Discounts are available for couples within the same household, i.e. where both adult members are living at the same address.  Children who have been linked to the membership of an adult at the same address will continue to be eligible for free of charge membership as long as they are aged under 18 on 1st May.


There is an offer to add a £25 bar credit to all Adult Racket and Young Adult members who pay upfront and on time for their renewal, i.e. payment for the full 2024 membership year is received before 5pm on Friday 3rd May 2024.  This will be in the form of a paper voucher which can be collected from the bar. You will be notified via newsletter when the vouchers are ready to collect.


Where an Annual direct debit has been set up, payment will be taken automatically on or around the 1st May 2024.  An automatic renewal will qualify for the prompt payment incentive provided it is not cancelled in the first 30 days.  If you will be cancelling your automatic payment, please let the office know by Friday 19th April 2024 so that staff have time to remove your details from the banking system.


If you will not be renewing your membership this time around, please contact the office.  We would welcome your feedback, as we are always looking to improve our service to members.


If you have any questions regarding your renewal or you need to make any changes, then please contact the office between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Renewal of membership is due on 1st May annually