As a safeguarding team we seek to support the Lansdown in its efforts to provide a safe, inclusive and thriving environment for the equal enjoyment of all club members and their visitors. We have a number of policies in place:



The above cover all related aspects, but in its simplest form:

  • We seek to provide a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for members, visitors and staff alike.
  • We value and celebrate diversity and will make all reasonable efforts to meet individual needs.
  • We recognise that we share our space with all manner of people, each with differing needs and expectations. We endeavour to be accepting and accommodating accordingly.
  • We have a shared responsibility to prioritise the well-being and welfare of those around us, in particular those more vulnerable groups (i.e. children and young people, elderly, disabled etc.)
  • Fair play principles of enjoyment, participation, respect apply equally off court as they do on court.
  • To act on any concerns regarding another person’s well-being or safety, following the steps recommended below. Doing nothing is not an option. We will be thorough but proportionate in exploring any concerns raised.

Raising a concern

If you experience or witness anything which causes you concern you must first make a decision about whether you think the concern is immediate/on-going AND serious. If so, contacting the police (999) or BANES LADO (01225 396810) directly could well be the most appropriate response.


If you think the concern falls short of an emergency but still needs to be considered, please complete our “ňúRaising a Concern’ form below, sending your completed form to safe@lansdown.co.uk. This will be received in confidence. Please complete this within 48hrs of the incident.


We will then complete an initial assessment, make contact with you/your parent/carer (if appropriate) and decide on next steps – i.e. whether action is required, whether to investigate in-house or whether to escalate to LTA, ES, LADO, NSPCC etc.


Contacting the Safeguarding team
Safeguarding at the Lansdown is co-led by Claire Quiggin and Conall Platts. All emails to safe@lansdownclub.co.uk go to both Claire and Conall, but no-one else. You can reach Claire directly on 07721 019 999 and Conall on 07967 993 348.


You can also contact the safeguarding team using the form below. You can submit this anonymously although if you do, it may limit what action the safeguarding team is able to take.


If for any reason you would rather not speak with Claire or Conall, you could raise your concern directly with the LTA safeguarding team 020 8487 7000 or England Squash safeguarding team 0161 438 4302.


Raising a Concern

The Lansdown Club aims to provide a safe, inclusive and thriving environment