Become a member!

Being a full Rackets member of the Lansdown Club gives you unlimited squash and tennis without any further booking or court fees.  Other membership categories are available – have a look at the options on our Membership Fees page then apply via the appropriate Application Form.


As a member you’ll have access to our Members Only website which includes our online booking system where you can book a court up to a week in advance.  This is also where you can look up other members contact details, find Useful Links for club forms and sign-up sheets, and add your match results if you take part in our popular Singles box leagues (racket sports).


Members are also provided with a Club Card which entitles you to a 20% discount on home cooked food and drink in our Club Room.


You will find lots of activity you can engage with in each of our sports once you join – from club play to team play.  If you’re not yet a confident player, we have excellent coaching available – for members this will usually be at an additional cost payable directly to the coach though some coaching courses may be provided free-of-charge if commissioned by the club as a membership benefit.


Non-members can access our racket sports coaching via an additional per session non-member fee – if you are just beginning with tennis, squash or racketball you may find this more cost-effective initially, joining the club as a member once you have progressed to a level where you can confidently join in clubplay activities.

Everyone welcome! We have an excellent membership scheme in place that is intended to attract players of all types and standards