Committee Members

The Lansdown Club is run by a volunteer Management Committee which is responsible, according to the Club’s Articles of Association, for the management of the club’s business and has the power to make, vary and revoke any club rules which they consider necessary for the proper conduct or management of the club.


Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), with nominations for committee positions being called for in the run-up to the AGM.  Each position is re-elected annually excepting for the President which is a 3 year term.   The Club’s Directors and other company information is listed with Companies House.


Each incoming committee decides who will do what, including in particular:

  • whether and to what extent they will delegate any of their powers to one or more sub-committees and if so
  • what the terms of reference of each sub-committee will be, who will sit on them; and who will ‘lead’ them


The Committee listed below were elected at the Monday 13th June 2024 AGM or co-opted in-year to a vacancy.  Committee member pictures can be found on the Committee noticeboard by the club Office.   Committee meetings continue to be held on Monday evenings – dates can be found in the Events Diary.


Committee meetings will include receiving reports from the current Sub-Committees and Working Groups.  Committee meeting minutes are published in the Documents area of the Members website once approved.


If you have an issue you would like the Committee to consider, please email details to comments@lansdownclub.co.uk


We are always on the lookout for more volunteers!  There is a lot to do at the club and it can be very rewarding to get involved.  If you would like to volunteer your time in a particular area or for a particular job, please contact reception@lansdownclub.co.uk or comments@lansdownclub.co.uk and your enquiry will be passed on to the relevant committee member(s).


The current Lansdown Management Committee comprises of:



We're always on the lookout for volunteers, whether on committees or running a one-off social event or tournament




Eleanor Bird


John Higgins

Deputy Chair

Joan McLoughlin

Treasurer & Company Secretary

Brent Pollard

Tennis Secretary

Mike Emett

Squash Secretary

Andy Rogers

Croquet Secretary

Feona Bickley

Facilities Secretary

David Barnes

Committee Member

Roger Green

Committee Member

Phil Cooney

Committee Member

Roberta Taker

Committee Member

David Munn