Social Croquet for Rackets players

For those who haven’t ventured to the far corners of the club, the croquet lawn sits adjacent to courts 8-10.  Full Rackets members are eligible to also play croquet but must be ‘inducted‘ into the Croquet section to play in the absence of other croquet members.  Beginner players are advised to contact Feona Bickley (Croquet Secretary) or Howard Grove (Club Coach) for an induction/coaching session before playing – before Club Play on Saturday mornings is a good time for this.


If you already know your way around a mallet, why not come to a croquet club session and/or join in the annual end of summer Rackets & Mallets tournament?  This is a friendly social event rather than a serious competition and has been running annually for a number of years.



The 2024 Rackets & Mallets event will run on the afternoon of Sun 1st September



2023 Rackets & Mallets Tournament report


The annual match between the Rackets members and croquet members took place on Sunday 27th August starting at 2pm.  It was a fabulous afternoon and the sun sort of shone.


The order of play was in doubles and allowed a rackets player to team up with a croquet player. Each game was 15 minutes long allowing players to be mixed up throughout the afternoon.


The individual scores were totalled up and the overall winner was Liz Williams (Rackets) 15
Runners up were Alan Bickley ( Mallets) 14, Andrew Tanner (Mallets) and Feona Bickley (Mallets) both 13


Pimms and a delicious cake were then enjoyed on the lawn.



Come and join in a friendly game with other members!