Social Croquet at the Lansdown Club

The croquet lawn re-opened for play on 1st December 2023 (following annual maintenance)


Please be mindful of the weather – no play is allowed when there is frost on the grass or if it has rained a lot and the ground is very wet (i.e. when a visible spray comes off the rolling ball, do not play).


Come & join in social Doubles on the following Clubplay mornings:


Monday morning (11am* – 1pm)
Tuesday morning (11am* – 1pm)
Wednesday morning (11am* – 1pm)
Saturday morning (11am* – 1pm)


*11am start during the winter, 10.30am in the summer


On Thursdays at 2pm there is competitive Singles team practice – all members welcome.


Clubplay Guidance:


1. Members should arrive at the start of the clubplay session to take part in a ball draw – not required if there are less than five players present


2. No more than two teams of doubles (8 players) should play on the lawn simultaneously


3. If there is any play in progress when Clubplay starts then those players must either absorb new arrivals into their game or, if more than eight players altogether, stop play and engage in a ball draw (giving priority to new arrivals)


4. Anyone not arriving in time to participate in the ball draw may need to wait until the first game has finished, when another ball draw can be made (which must incorporate any new arrivals)


5. If more than 8 players are present at the initial ‘ball draw’ then the selected players must limit their games to six hoops and then give lawn time to anyone who hasn’t played



Note:  If a 12 hoop game results in a 6 – 6 draw then a 13th (golden hoop) can be played.  Similarly a 6 hoop game can play a seventh hoop in the event of a draw.

Come and join in a friendly game with other members!