Membership application form & policies


If you are looking to join the club you will need to complete the relevant membership application form which can be viewed and downloaded via the links below.


You can email your completed form to reception@lansdownclub.co.uk or call/email to make an office hours appointment and either bring a completed hard copy form or the information to enable you to complete on site.


You will then need to pay the appropriate membership fee due for the rest of the membership year.  Fees are payable annually from 1st May – if you are joining part way through our membership year please agree the correct pro-rata fee with the office before arranging payment.


When completing your membership application form, please also refer to:


  • Our Privacy Policy – for details of how we use the personal data we collect via your member application



  • The Code of Conduct for members and other Club Policies detailed on our Safeguarding webpage



Feel free to give us a call if you have any queries

Adult Membership

All 18 years and over membership categories

Download Here

Junior Membership

12-17 years non-family membership (for junior family membership, please ask the office)

Download Here

Child Coaching

4-11 years non-family membership (for child family membership, please ask the office)

Download Here