Social Club Tennis at the Lansdown Club

Social mixed tennis is now mainly provided by evening and weekend Club Mixer sessions, which provide organised rotational doubles where you can get to know other club members.  For daytime social play sessions during the week see Ladies Morning & Circus Doubles (senior men).  Also keep a look out for Social Tournaments which are planned to run in the afternoon on the 1st Sunday Apr-July 2024 – these will be advertised in our members e-newsletter with online sign-up via link in Useful Links on our App/members website.


Club Mixers are a fun way to meet other club members for social doubles – open to Rackets members aged 14 and over with a reasonable ability to serve and rally, up to teams standard.  The emphasis is on social mix-in play rather than having set playing standards however in USTA NTRP rating terms, participants would be expected to be in the 3.0-4.5 range.


You must book your place on any Club Mixer session in advance – the Google Booking Sheet link is available on our App/members website under Useful Links and/or by checking the Court Booking notes (login required).   In Useful Links you will also find an invite link to join our Tennis Clubplay WhatsApp group if desired.


As of 1st May 2023, Club Mixer sessions will run:


  • Tuesdays 6.30pm – 8pm
  • Thursdays 6.30pm – 8pm*
  • Saturdays 2pm – 3.30pm


* some Thursday sessions will run as Coach-led Club Play nights 6.30-8.30pm.  Everyone welcome, particularly newer members – sign up in advance in the the usual Mixer sheet.  After starting off with a coaching tip and warm-up, you will be allocated into doubles matches by the coach as part of a fun team-based competition


Floodlights are provided free of charge for Club Mixers if required.   You can ask at the bar for free of charge ex-match balls to use at club play, or just bring your own.


Self-arranged drop-in & mix-in Club Play is available during & after Club Mixer sessions where court availability allows.  Floodlights will only be provided free of charge during Mixer time and up to 2 hours for Mixer or clubplay activity only – for club play, mix in with anyone waiting/players on other courts after playing 8 games with Sudden Death Deuce


In order that the sessions run smoothly, please:

  • Read the Player Guidance tab before you first book and periodically check for any changes – this includes information about the format of sessions, how to book in & cancellation process
  • Check the Going Ahead/Cancelled status 1 hour before – each Club Mixer has a volunteer Co-ordinator who will check bookings and the weather 2 hours in advance and confirm if the session is going ahead
  • If you are booked in and session Going Ahead, ensure you turn up in time for a prompt start to the session


Please note, we play Sudden Death Deuce (SDD) in all Mixer games:

  • At the first deuce, receiving pair decide whether to receive serve into the deuce or ad court (to whichever player is positioned there – do not switch sides!) then whichever pair wins that point wins the game
  • We recommend where playing Mixed Doubles, the lady always serves to the opposite lady, and the man to the opposite man – this is what the professionals have to do!  Otherwise commonly players take turns, e.g. one takes 1st SDD and their partner the 2nd SDD

Come along to Lansdown Tennis Clubplay - we are a friendly bunch who love our tennis