The main Committee is supported by various Sub-Committees, each led by a designated Committee member, as shown below.  All members of sub-committees are required to be full members of the club – club employees may sit in on meetings in order to provide information and advice and/or to take instructions, but cannot participate in decision-making.


Working Groups are also set up as required – current projects are:


  • Padel (Lead: Phil Cooney) – awaiting BANES planning permission decision
  • Squash Courts Refurb (Lead: Andy Rogers, on behalf of Squash Sub Committee) – in planning stages
  • Tennis Courts 8-10 Floodlights (Lead: John Morgan, on behalf of Tennis Sub Committee) – install booked for Aug-Sept24
  • Membership Satisfaction (Lead: John Higgins) – in planning stages
  • 5 year Club Development Plan (Lead: John Higgins) – in planning stages
  • External Outreach (Lead: Eleanor Bird) – in planning stages


If you would like to get involved in any particular subcommittee or working group, or have any questions about ongoing work or ideas for them to consider, please contact the relevant lead using contact details from the online members database.


We welcome any volunteers for non-committee roles too – there is a lot to do at the club and it can be very rewarding to get involved.  To volunteer your time in a particular area or for a particular job, please contact a relevant subcommittee lead above, or email either reception@lansdownclub.co.uk or comments@lansdownclub.co.uk for your enquiry to be passed on to the relevant committee member.


Your club needs YOU - we're always on the lookout for volunteers!




Mike Emett (Tennis Secretary)


Andy Rogers (Squash Secretary)


Feona Bickley (Croquet Secretary)


David Barnes (Facilities Secretary)

Finance & Business Operations

Brent Pollard (Treasurer)


Joan McLoughlin


Eleanor Bird