Racketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK both for younger players getting into Squash or Tennis, in addition to older players who want a slightly more forgiving game on their joints, but still want to play something which is equally challenging and intense as Squash.

Racketball is also a popular sport for Tennis players who want to stay dry during the winter (or summer) months – it is easy to transition, and no matter where you hit the ball it comes back to you!

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England Squash

England Squash and Racketball

The Club Charter is a progressive club development programme that aims to increase the number of adults and juniors playing squash and Racketball in clubs, increase the recruitment, education and development of coaches and volunteers, and improve the infrastructure of our club network.  The Club Charter is linked to Sport England’s Clubmark award.  Put simply, by achieving Club Charter status, we have shown our commitment to offer a welcoming environment, set high standards in child protection, and work closely with local schools to develop the future generations of squash and Racketball players.

Activ Bath

Activ Bath

Club Mark

Club Mark

Sport England recognises and values the commitment made by the Lansdown Club to develop high quality, welcoming environments for young participants. The development of clubs that encourage young people to take-up sport, improve their talents, possibly play a leadership role and give them the option to initiate and maintain life-long participation in sport is an essential part of supporting the sporting infrastructure in England. The Lansdown Club are proud to have been recognised for achieving the standards necessary to obtain the Clubmark award.