And it’s all over for another year!  Some cracking tennis matches on Sunday 10th September led to the following 2023 Champions:



This Championship Winners photo sheet (pdf) shows all the winners at the Presentation event at the end of the day.


More information about the earlier participants in the Draw and all results can be found via the links below.





Eleanor Bird



Previous Club Championship Reports:


2022 Club Champshionships Report – Match Results & Winners photos


2023 Club Championships – Further Information



  • Mixed Doubles day:  Sunday 3rd September (~9.30am-4.30pm)
  • Finals day:  Sunday 10th September (matches at 11am / 1pm / 3pm with 5pm presentations)
  • Junior Club Champs:  Sun 1st October


Any Lansdown Club rackets members are eligible to enter our annual singles & doubles Mens/Ladies and Mixed Doubles events (all with both Open and Senior categories) which are provided free of charge. Older juniors are welcome but may also wish to enter the Junior Tournament run by Blue Sky Tennis – see our Club Junior Tennis Championships page for more information.


Entry to the 2023 Championships is now closed.  Information regarding round dates and match format was included in the Entry Form accessed via (Google form, no sign-in required). Participants arrange their own matches by the date specified, providing their own balls for the purpose, except for the Open Mixed Doubles event where all rounds up to and including Quarter Finals were played on Sunday 3rd September 2023 – a popular social occasion not to be missed!



  • All match results should be emailed promptly to for manual entry into the Draw sheet
  • Match format and dates when matches must be played by are specified in the Entry Form and Entrants Sheet
  • Participants must be paid up-to-date Rackets members – anyone found to be lacking 2023/4 membership at the time of playing their first match will be withdrawn from all future matches in that event, as an individual or as a doubles pair (rule added 24/6/23)
  • Any entrant who knows they will be unavailable (as an individual and/or as a combined doubles pair) for more than 2 weeks of any box round and/or more than 1 week during knock out rounds, should declare the dates they will be unavailable on their entry form.  A “Fair Availability” rule will be applied for the benefit of all Draw participants – entries will not be accepted from any player/pair who aren’t available for at least 2 weeks within the box rounds, or where they are reasonably expected to reach the later knock-out rounds, are unavailable for either 3 or more weeks during the knock-out rounds stage or the entire duration of one of the knock-out rounds (rule added 24/6/23)
  • Some capacity has been built in for deadline extensions where extenuating circumstances exist – a request will need to be made to the Tournament Referee in advance of the deadline expiring, proposing an alternative date/time that has been agreed by all parties.  An extension will only be granted if this can be accommodated without negatively impacting further rounds of the Draw
  • Full Playing Guidance including rules for progression & walkovers is available in the Entrants sheet, and in the Draw sheet when published
  • The absolute latest deadline to submit a Semi Final result is 6pm Sat 10/9/2023
  • The final match for all 11 events will be played on Sunday 10/9/23.  Entrants should be available to play on this day however may still enter if they don’t reasonable expect to win through to any Final.  Any winning semi-finalists who are unable to play on Finals Day will be replaced by their semi-final opponents.

my thanks to all who helped to make [the 2023] finals day such a super day. The tennis was excellent of course as usual. Special thanks to Eleanor and her team and also of course to the bar staff who always do an excellent job